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Perniagaan Centrepoint

Plastic LED Candle x3 (Boxes)

Plastic LED Candle x3 (Boxes)

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Sold in boxes (3pcs in different sizes).

Material: Plastic

【Small Set】
Price: RM31.00
Weight: 0.4kg
3 different sizes:
> Height 10.5cm x Width 4.5cm x1
> Height 8.5cm Width 4.5cm x1
> Height 6.5cm Width 4.5cm x1

Battery used: Button Cell Battery x3
Battery included.

【Large Set】
Price: RM50.00
Weight: 0.6kg
3 different sizes:

> Height 14.5cm Width 7cm x1
> Height 11.5cm Width 7cm x1
> Height 9.5cm x Width 7cm x1

Battery used: AAA Battery x3
Battery not included.
Weight and sizes are measured approximately.

Suitable for Malay Wedding.

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