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Package Mail Orchid Arrangement DIY 08

Package Mail Orchid Arrangement DIY 08

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Orchid Arrangement DIY 07

Making an artificial orchid flower requires a few materials and some imagination. Nothing beats fresh green and flowers in the home, but the upkeep and expense of real house plants and flowers can put many people off displaying them. Historically frowned upon for looking too fake, but the new fad of keeping artificial greens and colours festoons your house and makes it look elegant and increases the beautiful view of the onlookers. Try one today with package mail orchid arrangement. Making these great flowers offers hours of enjoyment and fun for one person or an entire family.


Material provided : 

- Premium orchid x 3 stalks

- Black pot include sponge x 1 set

- Hanging leaf bush x 1 set

- Rattan ball x 1 set 

- Orchid Leave - 3 sets 

- 23' Small Cattail Leave x 4 pcs 

- UHU glue x 1 set

- Wire support x 1 set

- Bamboo stick x 2 pcs

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